New music video "Gomenasai" has been shot

Time of publication: 30.03.2006 (01:10)
New music video "Gomenasai" has been shot and is now being cut. Exclusive report from Los Angeles…

Los Angeles, West Hollywood. It's still dark. Eight hours ago Tatu arrived to the US – both of them are heavily jet-lagged. Girls had been woken up at 4 AM – at least Lena, since Julia, as usually, didn't sleep at all. At 5 AM they have to go to the location. And oh man, in Tatu's hotel breakfast is served only from 6 AM. Lena and Julia grab one red apple each in the lobby and walk to the car. At the dawn of the day and the stubs of the apples girls make it to the location – botanical garden not far away from the city.

Julia: I have a feeling we won't start action before midday…
Lena: Morning comes so swiftly, doesn't it?...

A big bus - dressing-room - lounge equipped with carpets, shower, kitchen and a couple of stylists is waiting for our singers. The work begins over the girls' make-up and hair-styles. A person responsible for breakfast comes frequently in and out of the bus, asking his itemizing questions.
Julia gets cold in such a draught, so she sends breakfast-man a "message" every time: "Человек, закрой ставни! (Man, shut the jalousie!) Please, close the door!" At last, their favorite "raisin bran" flakes, fruits and coffee are served. Breakfast. They pin Lena's hair to protect freshly styled curls.

At this moment the final touches are still being applied to Julia's face "drawing". As usually, Julia "can't get no satisfaction". She intensely digs stylist's bag in a search for necessary sticks and starts correcting her eyes and cheeks. Julia has got new trend now – she doesn't do make-up at all while in Moscow. So it's uncomfy for her to feel cosmetics on her skin again: "It's like I've got bricks on my eyelashes..."

The first part of filming begins around 9 AM, and takes place in a pavilion. The video has no ploy, just "style". Everything is intended to be "beautifully simple, simply beautiful" – black polo-necks and bright, starry faces of the girls in front of a black background. Close-ups. First separately, then together. In the last scene director asks Julia to cry. Girls are absolutely against... ...such a move (this is not Tatu at all!), they argue and finally win – Lena gives genial and simple reason: "There're obvious words in the song – "…when I wanted to cry / I COULDN'T 'cause I / Wasn't allowed". Director surrenders.

The second part is shot in botanic garden itself, decorated with gothic statues "a-la Notre Dame de Paris". It looks romantic. Lena and Julia wear minimalistic black suites contrasted with rough shoes. Scenes does not require special acting. The idea is that girls are just supposed to walk around the garden. During breaks singers are being wrapped into warm down-jackets: Los Angeles exercises "non-Los-Angeles's" chill weather accompanied by wind blowing from the ocean. From time to time director tries to keep girls alive, since Lena and Julia tend to fall asleep and already dream about "Red Bull" for a couple of hours. Finally, the director says the last "CUT!" Shooting is finished around 5 PM, everybody is dog-tired, unable even to eat. Hotel, sleep… By the way, the music video was shot for the West. For Russia, Tatu are preparing quite a different song.

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