Tatu in Tallinn – fireworks and fur coats

Time of publication: 12.04.2006 (15:54)
On April 10, Tatu successfully arrived to the capital of Estonia where a crowd of media representatives and fans met the duo. Right in the airport the girls gave interviews to Estonian TV3 and Channel One Russia. The singers told them about the upcoming shows and shared their joy to visit Tallinn once again – one of their favourite cities.

The next day, Tatu gave their first full-scaled gig of the world Dangerous And Moving Tour 2006 in the Tallinn arena Saku Suurhall. A set of fireworks opened the show, which followed by Yulia and Lena dressed in tent shaped fur coats. The audience didn’t expect such an outfit from these rock-chicks. During the gig, Tatu changed their outfits without leaving the stage. It clearly amused the audience. The gig lasted for one hour and some twenty minutes. It contained 18 acts:

1. Dangerous and Moving Intro
2. Ludi Invalidi
3. All About Us
4. Loves Me Not
5. Friend Or Foe
6. Nichya

A guitar solo by Troy

7. Chto Ne Hvataet
8. How Soon Is Now
9. Outer Space
10. Show Me Love
11. Novaya Model
12. Sacrifice
13. Polchasa
14. Obezianka Nol
15. Nas Ne Dogonyat
16. Ne Ver', Ne Boisya, Ne Prosi
17. Ya Soshla S Uma
18. All About Us - encore

After the gig, Tatu came out to see their fans and to be photographed. Even though Lena had said before the gig that the show wasn’t completely ready yet, it went fine. You could notice some "rawness" of the acts and minor sound problems but as a whole, everything looked pretty good.

Later, the same night Tatu left for Riga, where the tour goes on.

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