Tatu-girls confused the Channel 5 presenter

Time of publication: 28.04.2006 (00:52)
Yesterday, April 26, a bit after the midnight Tatu took part in the recording of the show Family Matters on Channel 5 of St. Petersburg TV. The show was formed as a talk show, where both the presenter and the audience asked Yulia and Lena questions.

Despite the fact that Tatu came to the TV studio right after their arrival to the Moskovsky Railway Station of St. Petersburg, the girls didn't show any particular signs of tiredness and stayed cool. Some got confused by the inscription on Yulia's top, which said "Fuck me. I'm famous". The show presenter Grushevsky clearly didn't know how to relate to all this and tried to find out whether Yulia and Lena were lesbians or not. Yulia and Lena fought such things back by asking counter-questions. The presenter didn't like this order and declared that it was he, who asked questions there. Except a worn-out topic on the girls' relationship, the audience wondered about the reasons of Tatu's appearance at the Fame Factory show and the time spent in the children's band Neposedy.

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