Troy enjoys working with Tatu

Time of publication: 28.04.2006 (22:21)
Guitar player Troy McCubbin has been working with Tatu for a while now. Once he was chosen by Interscope to play in Tatu to give the group a more powerful live sound at the performances. Now Tatu-girls take him as a part of their family. Yulia and Lena call him "a person of a constant positive charge" and a creative generator of the team.

A few days ago Troy told through his website that he's always happy to see the girls, to rock and tour together with them. "I am really looking forward to seeing Yulia and Lena again and rocking out big time in St. Petersburg.", writes Troy and adds – "I am excited to get to Latin America and tour down there. I know the girls and all us guys in the band are dying to get down there and play some big shows! I love Latin America! The people there are the best and I love their passion for music and life. It really inspires me to keep playing music and to just enjoy life."

Troy McCubbin was born and grew up in Traralgon Victoria, Australia. He began playing the guitar already at the age of 10, when his father helped him to put together a guitar to practice. Having huge interest in music, Troy studied music theory for the next 8 years. There he got fundamental knowledge in jazz, classics and rock under leadership of famous guitar player - Tony Calabro. Later on, Troy moved to Los Angeles to extend his studies. Soon enough he performed together with Аdreinne Frantz at L.A. Music Awards, where he won an award in the category "Best Rock male artist". His early success opened doors for him to perform with such famous artists as: Tatu, Enrique Iglesias, Kelly Clarkson. Troy is also a member of Latin Artist, Ana Victoria, which are signed at Capitol Records.

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