Tatu - tabloids are our style!

Time of publication: 07.05.2006 (03:11)
There's no secret that rumours and gossips has been following Tatu like no other artist. First, the girls didn't pay attention, then - they called many rumours for daylight lies and forbid tabloid's related info to be published on the official forum. Collaboration with the latter ones happens to be their latest trend now. Last week, Yulia and Lena gave an interview to a NTV reporter where they declared that tabloids were their style, their format. More over, they celebrated their new policy by puffing a hookah together with the Zhizn reporter.

Rumours about Yulia Volkova's affair with Vlad Topalov (former singer of the duo SMASH!!) appeared as hot news all over Russian press. Rumours didn't remain only rumours for a very long time. Yulia Volkova has officially declared her feeling for Vlad. Is it a PR or another love affair of the Tatu-girl - time will show.

As for rumours about possible wedding between Yulia and Vlad, we can assure you that the young people don't have any definite plans on it at the moment.

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