Tatu for Mongolia

Time of publication: 15.05.2006 (19:19)
Scandalous Russian duo, which conquered hearts of teenagers in the whole world, is about to conquer the hearts of Mongolians too.

It turns out that Tatu is not only popular in Russia, Europe and Japan but in Mongolia as well. That's the reason why Mongolian show-business association agreed with the Tatu management on the group's performance in the Mongolian capital Ulan Bator on May, 29.

The gig will take place in the huge open-air Arena with the capacity of more than 40 000. Ticket's price is about $4-6, which is not more than 4500 - 6600 in local currency. That's a fairly low price even for Mongolia.

Popular international performers are frequent guests in Mongolia but they are mainly "old" stars.

Mongolian show-business association is negotiating now with Madonna's management. She is meant to be invited in June 2006.

Source: Interfax, Russia
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