Yulia Volkova is not pregnant

Time of publication: 21.07.2006 (15:21)
Recently there were rumours that the Tatu singer Yulia Volkova got pregnant again. This time she was supposed to have a baby with her boyfriend Vlad Topalov. Nevertheless, the press-attache of the group Eugenia Voevodina stated that it was only a rumour, which didn't have anything to do with the reality. She reported to the press that Vlad and Yulia had, indeed, a romance but they didn't have any plans to get any children. "I don't know where they got it from… Those, who believed this rumour, can have a look at Yulia in 6-7 months and see for themselves that she has no plans to get another child", - said Eugenia Voevodina.

Source: MTV Russia
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