Tatu at the "Race & Rock" festival

Time of publication: 26.07.2006 (16:16)
Tatu are the headliners of the Finnish "Race & Rock" festival. At first it was solely a "racing" event (kind of like Finnish "formula 1"), but several years ago the festival decided to add music to the event’s concept. Now the guests are not only participating in the races and cheering up racers, but also "speeding up" along with famous Finnish rock bands.

July, 27 at 5:55 PM Tatu arrive at Helsinki. In the afternoon of July, 28 – on the day of the festival – the band has a sound-check, and in the evening at about 11:30 PM Tatu start their hour-long set. Saturday, July 29, Tatu return to Moscow.

Source: Official Site
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