Tatu to release a compilation album "The Best"

Time of publication: 01.08.2006 (02:02)
Aside from the release of the "Truth" DVD in September, Tatu prepare one more pleasant surprise for their fans – a compilation album "t.A.T.u. - The Chrysalisis Period - The Best". As the Japanese HMV informs, the album will include a CD and a DVD:

Disc 1 (CD)
01. All About Us
02. All the things she said
03. Not gonna get us
04. A Simple Motion (British Ballad Version)*
05. How soon is now?
06. Loves Me Not
07. Friend or Foe
08. Cosmos
09. Show Me Love
10. Gomenasai
11. Craving
12. Ya soshla s uma
13. Null and Void*
14. Ne ver' Ne boisia
15. Nas nye dagonyat
16. Divine
17. Dangerous and Moving
18. Loves Me Not (Guena LG remix)*
19. All The things she said (Dave Aude remix Edit)
*New songs (Never-released-before ones)

Disc 2 (DVD)
01. Video of a concert in France
02. All About Us
03. Friend or Foe
05. A simple Motion (Russian Verison) (Prostie Dvezyniya)
06. 30 minutes (Russian Verison)
07. All About Us (Remix)
08. Friend or Foe (Remix)
09. All the things she said (Remix)
10. Not Gonna get us (Remix)
11. All About Us (Explicit version)
12. Gomenasai
13. Gomenasai (Animated)
14. How soon is now?
15. Dangerous and Moving
16. Loves me not (Video from Russia)
17. Additional bonus

The compilation will be out in stores of Japan on September, 20, which is the same day as the release of the "Truth" DVD. The worldwide release of the compilation is set for October, 2006. The contents of it will slightly differ depending on the country. So, the French release will exclude "Ya soshla s uma" and "Nas nye dagonyat" and Dave Aude "All The Things said" Remix, but will include "Friend Or Foe" remix by Guena LG, a new "Loves Me Not" remix and exclusive "2006 Dance Medley" by Guena LG.

Special thanks to EstBoy, seitaro, babou795
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