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Time of publication: 04.08.2006 (19:01)
September, 11 2006 all the best that has been created by Tatu up to the present day will be released worldwide in a special edition - "The Best Of t.A.T.u.". The gift release CD+DVD will include band's famous songs and videos as well as exclusive video and audio materials that have not been seen or released before.


01. All About Us
02. All the Things She Said
03. Not Gonna Get Us
04. How Soon Is Now?
05. Loves Me Not
06. Friend or Foe (Radio Version)
07. Gomenasai
08. Null and Void
09. Cosmos (Outer Space) (She Wants Revenge Remix)
10. Show Me Love (Radio Version)
11. Craving (Indian Remix)
12. Ne Ver, Ne Boysya, Ne prosi
13. 30 Minutes
14. Divine (Extended Version)
15. Novaya Model
16. All the Things She Said (Dave Aude Remix Edit)
17. Ludi Invalidi (Slow remix)
18. Nas Ne Dogonyat
19. Ya Soshla S Uma


1. Footage of the live performance at Glam As You party (November, 2005, France)

2. Making Offs
- All About Us
- Friend or Foe (feat. Sting)
- Gomenasai (feat. Richard Carpenter)

3. Music Videos
- Prostiye Dvizheniya
- 30 minut
- All About Us remix
- Friend or Foe remix
- All the Things She Said remix
- Not Gonna Get Us remix
- All About Us/uncensored
- Gomenasai
- Gomenasai/animated version
- How Soon Is Now?
- Ludi Invalidi

4. International TV spots from England, France, Germany, the USA, Mexico, Argentina, Taiwan, Japan and other countries.

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