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Time of publication: 23.08.2006 (15:54)
20th August 2006 About the Reports of the "Last-Minute Cancellation"
We (Neformat Jap Japan Co., Ltd., rem. would like to provide you with further information.

Yesterday, there were articles in the press entitled "Another Last-minute Cancellation?!", but as there were some misconceptions of the facts behind the incident, we, as Tatu's management office, would like to explain the situation.

First of all, with regard to the promotion in Nagoya, the interview with Chunichi Newspaper, the interview and recording with CTV, and the live performance and recording for ZIP-FM all went off smoothly.
After that, since the girls were coming all the way to Nagoya, we had set up performances from the perspective of Tatu as special guests at various events aimed at interacting with Nagoya fans at clubs with which we have a close relationship. However, partly because we could not ascertain from the various owners whether or not the promotion schedule would go according to plan, we decided to just respond to situations as they arose (with regard to times, the number of people in the audience, compatibility of equipment, etc.)
The problem was that we were actually thinking about doing a live performance at Club Holiday, which was the first one that we visited. However, partly because it was earlier than the time when people usually gather at Club Holiday, we talked to the club owner and decided together that we should not do a live performance when there were only a dozen or so people there other than the staff; regretfully, but with the consent of both sides, we went on to the next club. However, although we and Club Holiday provided the fans with information about the next club we were visiting, we have received reports that we caused inconvenience to some of the fans.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the fans whom we have inconvenienced.
The girls say that they wish to continue to treat their all their fans with the greatest affection in their contacts with them. We hope that all fans will continue to follow Tatu as enthusiastically and warm-heartedly as they have done until now.

Neformat Japan Co., Ltd.

Source: Official Japan Site
Translation: LenochkaO,
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