The concert tour of Tatu through Russia fails with scandals

Time of publication: 12.09.2006 (17:48)
The schedule of the tour "Dangerous & Moving" of the group Tatu through Russia will undergo serious changes. The appearances of Yulya Volkova and Lena Katina in the Far East have already been cancelled, the concerts planned in September are under threat too. This is related to the conflict between the manager of the group and the organizer of the tour - the company "Kreml Concert".

In the view of the company "Kreml Concert" the failure of the tour is completely the fault of the group Tatu. The first concert of the far-eastern part of the tour was planned for Yushno-Sakhalinsk on Aug, 24. The date of the gig coincided with the mournings in connection with the catastrophe of flight Tu-154 of "Pulkovskij Airline", which crashed over Donetsk the day before. This tragedy, emphasizes the press-release of the company, did not bother the manager of the group Leonid Shlyakhover to demand the money from "Kreml Concert" for the planned gig.

As an answer to the categorical disagreement with the concert organizer of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Nikolai Zhadanov, to fulfil this demand, the director of the group cancelled the whole far-eastern tour, and fixed the penalty for "Kreml Concert" at the amount of 20.000 euro. The organizers refused to transfer the money in advance for all of the following concerts of the tour, because they didn"t want to get into debt - according to their data the tickets for Tatu in the Russian cities were distributed with great set-backs.

"Even after the concert in Sochi the losses were 22.000 euro. In Samara the stadium was half empty, but strangely a large number of tickets was reported to be sold. Such a situation arose on the whole following route of the group."

Moreover, "Kreml Concert" appeals to other organizers of concerts to take risks and organize a concert of the group Tatu in their city. "We proclaim a contest for the most broke organizer of concerts of the group Tatu. Mandatory condition for the contest - a photograph of Tatu infront of a half empty stadium. The prize of 1.000 euro will get, whose losses of the concert, unclaimed in Russia by the group, turned out to be the biggest." explained the press-release.

The management of Tatu has a completely opposite view of the prevalent situation. As the press-attache of the group Zhenya Voevodina told to the correspondent of Intermedia, the management terminated the contract, because "Kreml Concert" did not fulfil their financial obligations. "We cannot continue to cooperate with a partner, who breaks the contract." According to Voevodina the updated tour plan will be published very soon. Tatu have already reached an agreement with a new promoter who will take on the responsibility for the organization of the tour of the group through Russia."Luckily we found a company, who intends to sort out the mess, which was caused by the president of "Kreml concert" Sergej Lavrov." explained Zhenya Voevodina. The amount of concerts of the Tatu tour will be reduced, but not much, according to the prognosis of the press-attache.

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