Tatu won't participate at MTV RMA 2006 and will start their own record label

Time of publication: 18.09.2006 (22:11)
A press conference with Tatu took part at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Seoul, where Tatu are invited to perform at the Festival "Russian Nights in Seoul". The press conference was carried for Russian media only so the questions were of a specific character. The journalists were mainly interested in the business aspects of Tatu's – their relations with the group's former producer Ivan Shapovalov and breaking up with Universal Music International. The last question caused rather an emotional reaction of Yulia Volkova, who easily convinced the journalists that Universal had already made huge money on the group and "now it was the end of it". She said that now the group will work independently but "with the same management and with the same sponsor". To the question of the InterMedia reporter to tell the names of the persons, Yulia answered, "they are all known, so I won't tell". An additional detail of the relationship between the group and its partners was the announcement that the group has no intention to take part in the MTV Russian Music Awards 2006 in St. Petersburg: "We weren't asked to perform. We are not interested in sitting there as extras". It became clear that the nearest plan of the group is starting its own record label, which will manage all business of the group. As for the gig in Seoul, the Korean audience will see the same set of the gig as Tatu had already shown during the past months in Russia and abroad.

Source: (by materials of InterMedia)
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