Fantastic new entries into the singles charts by t.A.T.u.!

Time of publication: 07.10.2002 (23:15)
We have the following fantastic new entries this week into the singles charts for "All The Things She Said":

#1 in Italy
#1 in Spain
#5 in Finland
#7 in Holland
#7 in Norway

In Italy, the single is certified Gold with sales close to 35.000 units and it is #2 in the music control airplay charts

In Finland Radio NRJ also added the single this week in Israel.
Galgalatz, the leading national radio station, just added "All The Things" to their heaviest rotation, Radio Tel Aviv also added the single straight away

In Sweden the single/video is now A list on ZTV, National Radio P3 and NRJ TV PLAY

Latest MTV rotations are as follows:

Italy : HOT
Spain : HEAVY
Holland : HEAVY

Source: Universal Music Russia
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