"Dangerous and Moving" tour dates changed again

Time of publication: 05.10.2006 (21:33)

In our post-soviet music industry organizing concerts, the ones that are big and live – is the hardest case. Tatu are doing their best to tour all major cities in Russia and Ukraine, where many thousands of our fans live.

Few world recognized artists are on tour in our country in many cities - cities other than Moscow and St. Petersburg. Tatu is the only exception, because it is the only internationally acknowledged pop-rock band from Russia.

Even shows in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev are not organized smoothly. To name a couple recent ones, remember many venue changes of Madonna gig in Moscow, Roger Waters' show cancelled in Kiev… It's the promoter, not the artist, who holds responsibility for this. In smaller cities there are usually more troubles.

Do not forget that Tatu are not just Julia, Lena and musicians. It's also many people unseen for the audience, tons of things that a big live gig can't do without, a lot of difficult logistics that needs to be done on the highest level (do not believe the lies about full playback; those, who say them, do it either out of spite, or because they fail to hear live music – many hear it very rarely…) All the expensive sound systems we need can't always be transported to remote cities. Faery light at Tatu show, designed by Marc Brickman, Pink Floyd's light designer, needs advanced equipment that is also not available everywhere. Our show requires a costly and professionally run advertising campaign, substituted by some promoters with just several billboards on the skirts of the town (afterwards such promoters blame the artsist for the poor ticket sales).

All the above factors can't be fully controlled by the artist - or controlled at all.

Some will hardly believe it, but Tatu's Russian-Ukranian tour is absolutely not a question of money, but a question of respect towards fans and people coming to our shows, whose shining eyes we've seen on the previous tour shows and wait - at the coming ones. Probably, the easiest thing that could have been done is just a tour cancellation. The "torn" business card of the unprofessional promoter could have been the end of the story. But if Tatu does so, it will no longer be Tatu

Changes in dates and cities is the result of the changing and hard-to-predict circumstances that accompany tour organization in the "zone of risky agriculture" (read: the entertainment industry). Even now, when we've changed tour dates for the third time, we are not sure if it's final.

We are risking Tatu's reputation, but we really want to come to your cities, guys.

Please, check the tour schedule at official site. It is 100% confirmed information. And don't believe rumors and lies.

New "Dangerous and Moving" tour schedule:

August, 4 - Sochi

September, 2 - Samara
September, 9 - Kaliningrad

October, 2 - Kazan
October, 12 - Kiev
October, 14 - Dnepropetrovsk
October, 30 - Perm
October, 31 - Kirov

November, 2 - Ekaterinburg
November, 5 - Volgograd
November, 7 - Ufa
November, 9 - Surgut
November, 11 - unconfirmed city
November, 12 - Novosibirsk
November, 14 - Novokuznetsk
November, 16 - Krasnoyarsk
November, 19 - Yaroslavl

Source: Official Site
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