One of the major MTV Awards of Tatu's is out for sale on eBay

Time of publication: 10.10.2006 (20:29)
On September, 2001 Tatu received an award at MTV Video Music Awards in the nomination Viewers Choice - Best Russian Video at Metropolitan Opera House in New York City. They won this award for their video Ya Soshla S Uma (Russian version of their very first hit All The Things She Said).

Later on the statue "Moonman" was stolen from the office of Tatu's former producer Ivan Shapovalov. The statue has been circulating for sale in Moscow for some time at a price of $1000. Tatu's management was aware of this fact but somehow didn't consider any actions in order to bring the award back where it belongs.

Now, "Moonman" popped up at the American on-line market eBay. The bidding price is $5300. To the question, "Why is it so expensive", the anonymous seller said that in reality this award is priceless.

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