Lena gave concert in Tallinn Alone without Yulia.

Time of publication: 03.11.2002 (23:58)
1 November in "Saku Suurhall" of Tallinn (Estonia) on festival "Pop Market 2002 " Arrived Fans became the witnesses of the unique concert of group t.A.T.u. Only Lena Katina stayed on stage. She told to the public the Official version of T.A.T.U. management that Yulia Volkova the second participant of the duet get sick. Lena said to fans "Today, 1 November, Yulia was driven away by Ambulance to the Hospital. She is feeling herself very bad.". Then Lena sing only two songs "Why Me" and "30 Minutes". After that Lena and four dancers left the stage.

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