Russian disabled people sue pop idols Tatu over song title

Time of publication: 21.11.2006 (19:30)
An ombudsman in Russia's northern province of Komi is set to sue the pop group Tatu as he seeks compensation for damage allegedly inflicted on the disabled by the duo who have titled one of their songs "Lyudi Invalidy" or "Invalid People".

According to a report by the KomiOnline web site the move had been initiated by the Disabled People Society from the Komi capital city Syktyvkar. Representatives of the society hold that the song title can be construed as a public insult from both the pop group members and their producer.

The ombudsman said the defendants could also face criminal charges for libel. But even if the court refuses to uphold libel charges against Tatu the singers will have to compensate society for moral damages, he said.

Source: MosNews
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