Tatu are performed in Prado Cafe (Moscow)

Time of publication: 06.12.2006 (20:01)
The popular band Tatu tried their best to amaze the fans on their latest show.

Late at night, December 5th the Tatugirls performed on the birthday party of the famous fancy restaurant on the center of Moscow. After the guests filled the place from wall to wall, the girls, who's concert was awaited by everybody showed up to the public.

The Tatugirls needed a great effort to get to the stage, even with company of their guards that lead them through the partying friends of the place. Besides, the covered by black coats girls were hard to recognize. Yulia and Lena took off the coats only on the stage, which probably were needed to make them look mysterious.

Yulia, who got used to shocking the public looked properly for this cause: Bright red corset, stockings in a grid and almost non-existed skirt, that could be easily taken as a belt. During the performance the girl jumped up, and the skirt was rising to reveal the girls black underwear.

Lena, as usual, looked much more modest than her friend. The girl wore jeans and top.

Tatu performed only 5 songs. During this mini-concert they didn't forget their lesbian legend that already became old. The girls kept hugging all the concert, and even shared one shy kiss. The kiss lasted less than a second.

While leaving the stage, the girls showed once again that they don't have complexes. Yulia and Lena took off their high heels that they jumped on during half an hour. Lena walked barefoot on the dirty floor to the restroom, and Yulia was carried away by one of the guards.

Translated by Ev
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