The new album will be "less heavy"

Time of publication: 02.02.2007 (23:23)
Yulia and Lena are back in Moscow after having made demo recordings in Germany.

"At the moment, we've recorded a few demos in Germany. The main thing for us now is music! When an artist climbs up there’s a certain stage of conquering heights. It’s very important then not to fall down", - said Yulia to MK. - "As I already said, the main thing now is music! After "Ludi Invalidy", we'll make something less heavy. You can’t make psychological and complicated things all the time."

According to Yulia, the recording of the new album will begin in Los Angeles only in February-March. They said before though, that they were going there in January. What caused the delay remains unknown as Tatu speak very little of their new album and everything is kept under locks.

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