Yulia Volkova didn't get married and didn't accept Islam

Time of publication: 13.03.2007 (20:07)
Tatu management denied rumours of Yulia having got married.

Recently, numerous Russian newspapers reported of Yulia having got married a 22-year old businessman Parviz. They even mentioned that for the sake of love, the singer even converted to Islam. Young people met at the mutual friend's place. According to the friends it was love at the first sight - their relationship went fast and they even decided to get married. Using a best friend of Yulia's as their source, media reported that the couple went to the Emirates where they took Islamic marriage vows in one of the mosques.

Finally, the group's officials released statement:
"Julia had vacations with her friend. Parvis because she had some free time which she can spend the way she wants. Tatu singer Yulia Volkova did not get married and didn't accept Islam."

Now Julia and Lena are in Moscow. March, 18 the girls are leaving for Los Angeles to start recording their new album at one of the studios in North Hollywood.

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