t.A.T.u. denied the rumors.

Time of publication: 16.01.2003 (00:13)
During the exclusive interview on NTV, Tatu denied the rumors about Julia’s health.

Julia: I don't have problems with my hearing nor with my voice, as was said in the press. Well, I did have a little problem with my voice...

Lena: About the seeing, they probably confused me with Julia... I used to have 20/20 vision, now I don't see as well...

Julia: About me leaving the group, it's total bullsh*t!

Now the fans can put their minds to rest. :)

As you all already know, there was a conflict about how Sergey Galoyan (the author of Tatu’s hit songs) wanted to sue Tatu for using his lyrics. Here is the truth:

Sergey Galoyan: "All these rumors are not true, I was not intending to do any of it."

Sergey is planning to sell the rights to Universal Music. Meanwhile Tatu are recording their second Russian album, but the title is still a secret. But we do know that it'll be released this spring. Which is, obviously, really good.

You can download the audio recording of the interview on the forum.
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