Tatu party in Europe!

Time of publication: 20.03.2007 (20:17)
All fans over 16 years old are invited! The party is organized by the most active forum members who want to finally meet each other in reality! Lucky ones who have the guts to sing "Not Gonna Get Us" or, for example, to get a bodyart of Julia's tattoos – might win rare Tatu gifts!

Date: April, 13 (Friday)
Place: Antwerp (Belgium)
Accommodation: Alfa Keyser Hotel (Can be booked here! )
Activities: Karaoke Competition. For the 2 best participants - prizes for Tatu songs performance. Karaoke competition depends on availability of a special bar.

Date: April, 14 (Saturday)
Place: Bruxelles (Belgium)
Accommodation: a reasonably priced and located hotel will be specified, a place of carrying out is specified.
Activities: Dress up Competition (Prizes awarded for Best Yulia and Lena look-a-likes - to be decided by voting.) and Tatu Quiz (experts on history will get prized by scores).

Tatu and Interscope prepared exclusive prizes:

3 Tatu cases for iPod
12 black-yellow adhesive tapes Dangerous and Moving
18 sets of badges (2 badges in a set)
5 T-shirts Dangerous and Moving
1 T-shirt with silhouettes of soloists
1 T-shirt 200km/h In The Wrong Lane in anime style
2 Tatu beanies
Dangerous and Moving stickers
All About Us postcards
All About Us stickers

The party is being discussed at the forum!

*Please, note, that everyone who wants to come will be personally responsible for accommodation and traveling. Lower age limit of the participants is 16 years.

Source: Official Site
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