Shooting of "Finding Tatu" to begin in May

Time of publication: 27.04.2007 (20:10)
The Russian-American Movie Company RAMCO has entered the final stage of Pre-Production for the feature "Finding Tatu" scheduled for shooting in Moscow this May. The movie is a youth-oriented musical drama adapted from A.Mitrofanov's novel "Tatu Come Back".

Janie Sawyer is a cute American teenager. She's been living in Moscow for a year, but still has no friends. Janie's loneliness and love for music bring her to the fandom of Tatu, a well-known pop band, and in one of the Internet chatrooms she meets Lana Starkova, a fellow fan from a provincial Russian town. The girls meet in Moscow, go to a concert together and soon get sucked into the whirlpool of incredible events. Together they plunge into the attractive yet dangerous world of nightlife, experience adventures on the verge of fairy-tale and nightmare, and undergo trials of their own friendship. Despite all the conflicts, betrayal and disappointment, the girls shall renounce false values and discover new feelings and talents within themselves.

Sincerity, creativity and love shall cross their paths with Tatu and then lead them even further, to the fulfilment of their dreams of a different and better life. The story's happy end is marked by an immense concert in front of a huge crowd. Plot twists, memorable characters and, of course, lots of music will be there to please the viewer. In addition, Tatu have written several new songs for the project and will actually appear in the movie as themselves.

The movie's budget is $12 million. Mosfilm-based RAMCO, specializing in production of motion pictures for foreign markets, invited a renowned British director Roland Joffe to work on the project. World celebrities will be cast in the movie, yet the company still keeps the names secret. The shooting locales will be Moscow and Yaroslavl. The project, exclusively distributed by Foresight Unlimited, will be presented at Cannes 2007, and the pre-sales will start this September.

Source: RAMCO
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