Tatu at Mosfilm studios

Time of publication: 16.05.2007 (21:49)
Setting up decorations for the new motion picture "Finding Tatu" is in a full swing at Film Stage 9 of the Mosfilm Cinema concern. Filming will begin very soon. The movie is based on a novel by A. Mitrofanov "Tatu Come Back".

The story will be interesting in the first place for young audience: the lead character Janie Sawyer - a cute American young girl of 16-17 years old. She's been living in Moscow for a year, where she didn't have friends. Because of her interest in group Tatu, she gets in touch through the chat with Lana Starkova - a native Russian teenager from a provincial town. The girls meet in Moscow for a Tatu gig and get involved in a row of incredible events. The backstage of the city night life with its glory and danger is waiting for them. It's a borderline of a fairytale and a nightmare where friendship and personal strength are put into serious tests. Despite of all conflicts, betrayal and disappointment, the girls find strength to give up fake values and discover new feelings and talents.

Sincerity, art and love will bring Janie and Lana to Tatu and then - to fulfilment of their own dreams of another and better life. The story has a bright happy end - a huge gig. As the film creators promise, the audience will be treated with bright and memorable characters and lots of music. Group Tatu prepared a few new songs for this movie not to mention that the singers will take part in the movie playing themselves.

RAMCO Movie Company is specialised in production of full length motion pictures for foreign market and operates on the Mosfilm studios basis. RAMCO invited Roland Joffe to direct this picture.

Souce: Mosfilm (Vasily Vnukov)
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