Tatu supports Gay Pride Parade in Moscow

Time of publication: 18.05.2007 (00:25)
"Dear friends!

We are addressing gay community in Russia and in the rest of the world in relation to Gay Parade being organized in Moscow on May, 26-27.

We're now in Los Angeles recording the new album. As always, our music will be about people and standing for people, about love and standing for love. We think that every person should express his or her love to another person in the way these two people wish, and no third parties may interfere with their dogmas. We are supporting people disregarding their sexual orientation or any other differences.

When Tatu's second album came out, many of our fans of alternative sexual orientation thought that we lied and betrayed them. This is not true! We've never done that and we’ve always advocated love without boundaries.

We will really try to take a time-out in recording and come to Moscow to support you.

Yulia and Lena of Tatu", - says press-release from the group.

The parade of sexual-minority in Moscow has once again been prohibited by the Major of Moscow. The organisers say that the march will take place despite of this decision.

As one of the participants of the parade Nikolai Alexeev thinks, the city authorities have no rights to prohibit demonstrations of the alternative sex orientation minority because its representatives are citizens of the country, as the rest of Russia's population. He said as well that such a prohibition won't affect the parade, which will take place in any case. The parade is planned to pass by Alexandrovsky Park around Kremlin and Myasnitskaya Street. The corresponding applications have been sent to the Major of Moscow Yury Luzhkov and the Pesident of Russia Vladimir Putin but the organisers report they didn't receive any answers from them.

According to the organisers, several hundreds are believed to take part in the Parade on May, 27th.

Source: Novy Region (Moscow)
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