Brand New Single "Not Gonna Get Us" In Stores Now!

Time of publication: 18.01.2003 (22:34)
The new single "Not Gonna Get Us" is already released in a few countries around the Europe. Funny, but there are no official news about the release yet. But it doesn’t matter in this case.

In most countries in the Europe, the single will be released on 23rd of January.
The release date of the single in USA is currently unknown.

Earlier we said that the single contains some remixes, but as soon as we got the single (Spanish Edition) we didn’t find any (they are probably on promo-singles or on singles that will be released in other countries ;) ). I think that we’ll soon see a lot of editions of the single with different remixes. As happened with single "All The Things She Said". Also, there was no music video on the disk, which really upset me. The single includes:
01. Not Gonna Get Us [Radio Version]
02. Not Gonna Get Us [Album Version]

You can see the scans of the single covers and the CD itself here.

A new single is not just a disk and some radio rotations, but it is a new video clip that’ll be soon seen on music channel all over Europe and USA. Currently you can see it on MTV Russia.

You might ask: "What’s the difference from Russian “Nas Ne Dogonyat”?". Basically, there is no difference. They just recorded the sound over the old clip, took some “old” material out, and put some “new” scenes in it’s place. The scenes where the girls were singing are mostly removed, and the ones left as masked with the broken glass.

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