Tatu's third album is almost ready

Time of publication: 22.06.2007 (21:21)
Group Tatu made a short break from the recording of their third album and returned to Moscow. The new album will be released in two versions - Russian and English.

"Yes, there'll be both Russian and English versions. The songs will be a bit different. By the way, some translations of song lyrics will differ a little from originals in their meaning. But this is the way it?s getting together", said Lena Katina.

The album itself, taking into account the tendency of the special Tatu sound, promises to be less depressive than Ludi Invalidy (Dangerous and Moving) and to be of a more dance style. Valery Polienko and Serguey Galoyan are involved in the album. They are the authors of the most powerful Tatu-hits as Ya Soshla S Uma (All The Things She Said) and Nas Ne Dogonyat (Not Gonna Get Us). It promises the album to become a super hit. Of course, the typical Tatu metaphoric lyrics will be preserved and will continue the theme of Ludi Invalidi (Dangerous And Moving). The new album will be called Upravlenie Otbrosami (Waste Management), writes MK daily paper.

The release date hasn't been announced yet as no contract with publishers has been signed yet but the group promises to treat their fans with a brand new video soon.

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