Tatu is #36 in the Forbes rating

Time of publication: 29.07.2007 (22:21)
The Russian version of the magazine Forbes published a rating of 50 richest stars of Russian domestic show business and sports. The rating is set by income, press coverage, and also by the interest of an audience from July 1st 2006 to June 30th 2007.

Tatu has settled down at the 36th place having earned 1.4 million dollars. The year before Tatu where in the 6th place with an income of 3.3 million dollars. The group has droped 30 places in a year.

Dima Bilan is #3 this year with 4.1 million dollars, Valeriya is 8th with 3.5 million dollars. Zhanna Friske is 14th with about 1.3 million dollars, popular singer Maksim is 17th with about 1.5 million etc.

"We don't do anything special to get on the Forbes list. Frankly speaking, we don't care about it all. We know that anyway we're the most popular Russian girl band in the whole world!" said Yulia Volkova and Lena Katina to TV channel RussiaToday.

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