A New Single And Clip in Russia?

Time of publication: 20.01.2003 (21:31)
In a recent interview with STS TvV chennel Ivan Shapovalov said that there will most likely be a new single and a new video clip released in Russia before the new album will come out. This is because Ivan wants to synchronize the release of the Russian album with the release of the second English album. But if to take into notice that "200 km/h in the Wrong Lane" was released in USA only a recently, then the release of the second album is probably still a long time away.

Ivan Shapovalov: "The delay is because we want to synchronize the release of the second album with the West. So that they’ll be released at the same time. It’s not good that Russia is ahead of the West by half year. Probably, we’ll have to release a new single and clip in Russia. And the West will wait a little bit. Because Tatu are not aired anymore! And that’s not right."

Source: (according to STS materials)
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