t.A.T.u. Will Stay In Moscow

Time of publication: 27.01.2003 (22:36)
The Tatu girls are preparing to record their second Russian album, and give interviews. In the process of getting ready for a vocal session, Lena and Julia consulted a doctor. The specialists discovered that Julia had laryngitis, which, in their opinion, could affect Julia's vocal quality, and advised her to go through therapy. The doctors suggested that Julia might need an operation, and a brief recovery period, after which the girls would immediately resume the work on their second album. All the material is ready. The rumors about the operation really unnerved the journalists and the fans, now they don't have to worry. There will be no surgery, but Julia will undergo a conservative therapy, after which she'll be able to scream as before. Due to the medical observations, Tatu cancelled two promo visits to the UK and Germany. But Julia, like a professional vocalist, has decided to listen to the doctors' instructions and advice. Now she feels much better, and is ready to record. She has to deny the rumors about her being terribly ill and hospitalized every day. Lena supports Julia, and is also taking the time to work on her vocals. The plans for the nearest future are recording the new album, and visits to the Czech Republic and Poland.

Translated by katbeidar

Source: Official Russian Site
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