Tatu Against War!

Time of publication: 27.02.2003 (02:52)
As a result of Tatu's anti-war actions, every American now knows what "*** Voine!" means (“F*ck The War”) and can write it.
On one of NBC's most popular show, "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", Tatu performed "All The Things She Said" wearing T-Shirts with an anti-war slogan, showing their opinion about the war in Iraq. It is known that all entertainment programs in USA are afraid of war, especially what artists feel about it. For example, at the Grammy Awards on 23rd of February every artist was warned: one word about Iraq, and the microphone will be turned off. Tatu decided to show their opinion in writing. The host of the show, Jay Leno, introduced Tatu, and as everyone heard the first notes of "All The Things She Said", Julia and Lena turned to face the camera's, and over 1 million people saw black on white writing: *** Voine! ("F*ck the War!").
"We are sure, that Russia will understand us!" said the girls after the show. The anti-war tour of Tatu continues in USA. Stay tuned.

Source: Official Russian Site
Translated by katbeidar
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