Tatu Are To Represent Russia On EuroVision With A NEW Song!

Time of publication: 19.03.2003 (22:03)
In 2001 'Mumyi Trol' proved to the whole of Europe that Russian artists could create amazing and unique music stylings, unusual for Europe. But this year Russia is not going to introduce Europe to some strange, impossible-to-comprehend style. Why not send something that is different and exotic, and loved by Europe?

Anyway, Tatu submitted their new song, "Ne ver, ne boisya" ("Don't Trust, Don't Fear"), to perform on Eurovision Song Contest in Riga, Latvia on the 24th of May, 2003.

Tatu have 85% of winning the contest. Why? Europe already surrendered to Tatu! What about the song? It's going to have a catchy tune, so typical of Tatu, and a few Russian words in between English lyrics!

Source: TatySite.Net (by various official materials)

Added 21/03/03:

A correspondent from InterMedia requested a few comments from Tatu's producer Ivan Shapovalov. "Is it true, that we are going to 'EuroVision'? I suppose it's true, although I have no official information," said Shapovalov. The management of "One" TV channel verified the information. Ivan Shapovalov refused to talk about the song Tatu are going to sing. According to his words, the song, which already exists in Russian, will be sung in English on EuroVision. Most likely, he is talking about "Ne ver, ne boisya".
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