Tatu Against War On “Bomba Goda” in Moscow!

Time of publication: 25.03.2003 (22:28)
On the 19th of March Tatu performed as a headline on the annual show “Bomba Goda”. For the very first time, Julia and Lena performed their best remixes for "Prostye Dvizheniya" (“Simple Motions”) and "Not Gonna Get Us" and sang their cover-version of "How Soon Is Now?". And an already familiar remix of "Ya Soshla S Uma" was changed by the girls on the day of the concert, when the whole world was watching the war in Iraq. It was then that Tatu changed the old lyrics into "Vse soshli s uma! Im nuzhna voina!" (“Everyone has lost their minds! They need war!”) In the interview after the concert, Tatu added: "We need love!"

Source: Official Russian Site.
Translated by katbeidar
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