"Tatu" Are Going To Sing In Russian On EuroVision!!

Time of publication: 27.03.2003 (21:42)
Tatu officially announced that the song they are to perform on the 24th of May in Riga is going to be "Ne ver, ne boisya, ne prosi" (“Don’t trust, don’t fear, don’t ask”). Julia and Lena are planning to sing in Russian, apart from other participants of the contests, who prefer English. "We are going to perform a modern aggressive song, and not only that, it’ll be in Russian,” announced Ivan Shapovalov, the group’s producer. “It is not like any other song performed by Russia on Eurovision. This is a chance for Russia to change Eurovision, and for Eurovision to gain a larger audience. For Tatu it is most important to do what they want. To do something that others won’t." The Tatu girls are not bothered by the formal image of Eurovision at all: "We don’t know the rules of the contest, but we will do what we want."
The composers of "Ne ver, ne boisya, ne prosi" (“Don’t trust, don’t fear, don’t ask”) are Ivan Shapovalov and American Mark Lazar, lyrics by Valeryi Polienko. The composition will be in Tatu’s upcoming new Russian album, which is now being recorded. The first performance of the song will be on Eurovision, but before that, Tatu will record a video clip for it.

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