"TATU" will kiss on "Eurovision" if they want to!

Time of publication: 11.04.2003 (07:27)
In a conversation with a correspondent from InterMedia, the producer of Tatu, Ivan Shapovalov, has denied news from some Mass-medias that they've forbidden the duo to kiss on stage, and asked them to change the lyrics of the song "Ne ver', ne boysya". "I don't know of any restrictions," Ivan has declared, "and no one has told me that we need to change the lyrics. So I don't know who and what can ban us." To the question of how Tatu is going to surprise Europe while performing at Eurovision, Mr. Shapovalov answered: "The song is interesting." "That's it?" the corresponded questioned. "Well, we shall see," hinted the producer of the lesbian-duet.

Source: (by materials from InterMedia)
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