Another tour might be fatal for Tatu…

Time of publication: 18.04.2003 (05:04)
After a promo tour to Japan, from 17th to 22nd of April, Tatu will resume their Europe tour.
So, what are Tatu plans for the nearest future?

From 1st to 10th of May promo tour in UK, with two concerts:
02.05.03 London Wembley Arena
04.05.03 Manchester MEN Arena

From 19th to 24th of May Tatu will take part in Eurovision Song Contest, representing Russia.

From 27th of May to 10th of June Tatu plan to tour Germany:
27.05.03 - Saarbrucken: Saarlandhalle '19.30
28.05.03 - Stuttgart/Boblingen: Sporthalle '19.30
29.05.03 - Frankfurt/Hochst: Jahrhunderthalle '19.30
31.05.03 - Bonn: Kunst+Ausstellungshalle '19.00
01.06.03 - Munchen: Zenith '19.30
02.06.03 - Berlin: Arena '19.30
09.06.03 - Hamburg: Freilichtbuhne-Stadtpark '19.00

On 14th of June, a concert in Riga, Latvia.

(Slight changes in plans are possible.)

It’s no secret to anyone, that Tatu are starting to lose their popularity in Europe. The image of "naughty Russian lesbian school girls in white panties, teasing the camera", is obviously, getting old, and every fan already know there is to know about their idols. The first call was: the concerts planned in UK are under threat of cancellation. Reason – small interest from audience. For example, the concert in Wembley, which is planned for the 2nd of May, sold only 3,5 thousand tickets, barely 30% of the total number. Also, no one actually knows the fate of the concerts in Germany. It is very possible that some of them will be cancelled. One other frightening fact, were the ticket prices. They are so high, that teenagers and their parents simply cannot afford to buy them!

And this is not all. The most terrifying is the upcoming live performances on Eurovision and in Germany (we have no information on the concerts in UK yet). Russian fans were already put through the live performance of “Prostye Dvizheniya” on MTV Russian on summer 2002. This kind of pathetic performance is hard to forget (Let’s not fool ourselves, it was them singing). But Eurovision is not MTV, it’s a prestige contest with a multi-million audience. Despite that most of the songs are not exactly “pop”, but every contestant has a more or less strong vocal. Will Tatu be able, without causing any scandals, seriously represent Russia?
After performing with playback for two years (not acceptable in Europe), Tatu decided, that they will be able to give 6 live concerts in a row in Germany. Probably, Ivan Shapovalov or Leonid (their concert director) decided to take up such a heroic mission. They are not going to sing. If you think that it is easy, then you are terribly wrong. A failure to impress the Germans might close all doors for Tatu. The fans might be finally disappointed in Tatu, and concert organizations will lose their interest in the project.

There are a hundred other little things, which might go against Tatu. But there is still time, and we hope that Tatu will move on, and not make any mistakes, and the management will finally realize, that Tatu need professional handling.

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