t.A.T.u. think they are completely normal

Time of publication: 23.04.2003 (23:20)
The Russian duo t.A.T.u say that their videos and concerts have a right to exist, being that they do not see anything unusual about them. The members of the group, which have been labeled in the west as “Lesbian”, say that everything they do is completely normal, and people should accept them just as they are. Now, the Russians are preparing for two solo concerts in London and Manchester. t.A.T.u.’s London concert will take place at Wembley on May 2, and in Manchester at Manchester Evening News Arena on May 4. “We don’t demand that people agree with us, and imitate us. We are just showing that this exists in life, and there is nothing strange about it. This is not wonder, this is life," says Yulia Volkova in an interview for BBC Radio 1, "Everybody has their own head on their shoulders, and they should decide for themselves what they do and what they don’t do.” t.A.T.u.’s new single “Not Gonna Get Us” comes out in Britain in May.

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