The Shooting of New Music Video «Show Me Love» will Take Place in London!

Time of publication: 04.05.2003 (00:46)
Tatu arrived in London for the shooting of their new music video «Show Me Love». The shooting, which was supposed to be done during the concert in Wembley, will now take place in the centre of London. Tatu announced on MTV and BBC that they hope to see hundreds of female fans in famous school uniforms to attend! The shooting will start on the 5th, and continue on the 7th of May, the rest of the shooting will also take place in Moscow, Tokyo and New York. The director of the clip will of course be Ivan Shapovalov. Stay tuned! This Saturday MTV UK will announce where all the bravest UK girls will meet for a chance to appear in Tatu’s new video.

Source: (by materials of Official Russian Site)
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