"Show Me Love" Isn't Showing Much Love.

Time of publication: 07.05.2003 (19:00)
At first, due to be recorded south of London's Westminster Bridge on Albert Embankment - opposite the Houses of Parliament - police have denied access for the recording of "Show Me Love".
A crowd of girls arrived for filming, but were turned away by a freelance camerawoman for the group, who said police had called the session off.
A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said the event could have attracted too many people while Parliament was in session, causing an obstruction.
She added that their would have been press and too many fans showing due to that, and it would have been "undesirable".
"We are not here to veto filming but with 24 hours' notice and with it being in contravention of this order, it was deemed to be unsuitable."
UK fans are displeased and a little tired of the unstable locations and cancellations.
The new location for filming was outside the Tate Modern in central London.

Source: (by materials of Ananova.Com and ITV.Com)
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