Three Tatu Girls Will Perform On EuroVision!

Time of publication: 07.05.2003 (22:58)
There will be three Tatu girls performing on Eurovision in Riga this spring. The third girl in Katya Nachaeva (a new project of Ivan Shapovalov). Also, Tatu will be accompanied by two Estonian musicians, Andrei Pokutnyi and Vladimir Andarivech. As was reported to InterMedia, all three mentioned were involved in recording and arranging "Ne ver, ne boysya", which Tatu will perform in Latvia's capital on the 24th of May. According to Pokutnyi and Andarivech, Katya Nachaeva was a back-vocalist on all latest Tatu songs. She will be the one helping Tatu perform "Ne ver ne boisya" on Skonto Olympic Hall for EuroVision.

Source: (by materials of InterMedia)

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