t.A.T.u. is back in Moscow

Time of publication: 13.05.2003 (01:58)
Yulia and Lena were flown back to Moscow in economy class of Aeroflot. To avoid being stalked by fans asking for the autographs, they put caps and sun glasses on when passing the arrivals terminal. Downtown, the girls spoke about their London trip. As it turned out, despite the prohibitions by the police to shoot their video, they secretly managed to make a few memorable London shots.

As the Zhizn reports, Yulia slept through the entire flight while Lena finished reading a book by her favourite author Leon Feightvanger. In the airport, the girls were met by their personal driver with a fabulous Mercedes-600 as well as by their friends and Zhizn reporters.

Nevertheless, only Volkova got into the limousine. Katina was met by her friend Sasha. Once she spotted him, she rushed screaming and swung her arms around his neck. For a few minutes, this couple kissed and cuddled so openly that those who witnessed the scene felt ill at ease.

The girls told to Zhizn about their adventures in London. Except their gigs' cancellations, Brittish police prohibited to shoot the video by the Parliament building.

"Obviously, they have a law that prohibits filming anything in front of the Parliament building," said t.A.T.u. to the newspaper. "The fans were moved by the police. We fooled them around any way. We changed the location by a few feet and shot what we needed for our new video Show Me Love. These London shots will be added by similar scenes from Tokyo, Los Angeles and Moscow." Being "at home" t.A.T.u. are going on with shooting the video. As early as today the video shot is planned to take place in Red Square in Moscow, but the session can be off as the authorities have yet to issue permission.

The next wave of scandals from London caught t.A.T.u. in Moscow. We've already written that Brittish press have accused t.A.T.u.'s producer of sexually harassing an English reporter.
"You know, when I'm under drugs, I don't recall anything," quotes the English press of Shapovalov.

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