Press conference on t.A.T.u.’s departure for Eurovision

Time of publication: 16.05.2003 (23:48)
A press conference on t.A.T.u.’s departure for Eurovision took place today (May 16), in the media centre of “Izvestia”. A crowded house was caused by many cameramen and foreign journalists. Yula Volkova, Lena Katina, Ivan Shapovalov and the editor for the music department of Channel One Russia Yulri Aksyuta took part in the conference.

Yuri said that Channel One Russia thought of the following, to choose the Russian entry for the annual contest: “Today, t.A.T.u. is the biggest music project of Russia, not only because of the well-balanced PR but the music too.” The pre-selection for the contest was done according to the general rules. We have listened to a load of entries and dismissed every single one. We are counting on a victory this year doing this, because to send the weak participants to the contest is a silly business.”

The girls said that they don’t have any opponents in this year’s contest and they are not intent on correcting their image in any way. “We are the same way on stage as we are in the real life.”

Ivan Shapovalov was asked how they were going to shock people this time at Eurovision. “We never said we were going to shock anyone in any way,” replied the producer.

As for the incident in the Red Square in Moscow, Ivan said the following: “We wanted to shoot the material for our clip Show Me Love and a “post card” for Eurovision. What could be better to present the Russian entry than to march on the main square of the country? Though Kremlin doesn’t think this way. The Love concept didn’t get much response in this country again. Despite all the prohibitions, the shooting process was on its run and we filmed everything we were intending to.” Yuri Aksuyta tried to avoid sharp edges and explained why Channel One Russian didn’t get the permission. “Red Square is a strategic location.” “It is secured from the girls,” picked Shapovalov in return. “We sent the application but didn’t get the permission in time,” said Aksyuta. “It’s a matter of a one hour negotiation,” said Shapovalov. “I see the problem in attitudes of our own country towards us. We are taking part in this contest because of patriotic feelings, which have no meaning for us whatsoever. We are doing it for Russia to heal the country from the complex of an everyday humiliation, which is experienced because of this contest. In return, we don’t receive any, even minimal, support at all!” The camera team managed to shoot half of the march on the Red Square after which Shapovalov was taken to the police department of “Kitay-Gorod” and issued a warning for an appropriate procedure of the public sanction. By that time, the hired extras left the place and the camera operator refused to take part in this business. According to Shapovalov, the extras were replaced by the fans wearing the school outfit and the operator was replaced by one of the cameramen who was there to cover the event for one of the TV companies.

Mr. Shapovalov confirmed participation of Katya Nechajeva in Eurovision. “I don’t really know the rules of the contest yet. If we will be allowed to use pre-recorded back-vocals, we’ll use the recording done by Yulia and Lena. If not, we’ll take Katya as our back-vocalist. t.A.T.u. is going to sing the song 'Ne Ver’, Ne Boysya' which lies outside the format of the contest. These words we dedicate to Russia.”

t.A.T.u. gave comments to the question of the InterMedia reporters about the scandals in the UK, in particular, about the case of the British journalist’s rape. “We are raping someone all the time,” informed the girls gladly. “British people mix up the definition of sex and rape,” said the producer. “Therein lie all problems.” At the end of the conference, the girls said that they don’t need to do anything to support their scandalous image. “All the scandals are flying around us by themselves.” Yuri Aksuta ended: “Participation in the contest will serve as proof for the objectivity of the contest.”

Translation by t.E.A.m.
Source: InterMedia (Russia)
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