Tatu on EuroVision: "The lights and the stage are awful, same with the rest!"

Time of publication: 22.05.2003 (11:26)
Organizers of the Eurovision Song Contest, that will take place in Riga, Latvia on the 24th of May, promised to disqualify the Russian duo Tatu, if the girls refused to take part in the rehearsals during the week. The girls wanted to leave the stage during the rehearsal, since Julia complained about her aching throat. But, following the instructions of the organizers, Julia and Lena, whom are thought to be the favorites this year, continued the rehearsals with frowns. As one of the witnesses of the rehearsal claims: "Julia was actually trying to cough, and wanted to leave, when producers announced, that if they left, they wouldn't be coming back." This is not the first time the girls have caused some trouble. During a press conference, dedicated to Eurovision, Julia and Lena shocked the producers by complaints about the setting. "The stage is awful, the lights are awful, the rest as well," announced Yulia Volkova. Producers consider Tatu’s rehearsal to be very important; they said earlier, that they will show a recording from the rehearsals if the girls throw a sexual act out on stage.

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