Tatu took the Third place on EuroVision song contest.

Time of publication: 25.05.2003 (02:11)
The votes for the contestands of Eurovision 2003 have just been counted. The winner was Sertab Erener from Turkey, gaining 167 points.

Second came Belgium, with 165 points.

Russian duo Tatu, the favorites of the contest, came third, with only 1 point less, 164.

Source: (by materials of Gazeta.Ru)


Julia Volkova and Lena Katina from the Russian duo Tatu, which were the favorites of this contest, took the third place. Even Latvia, Estonia and Croatia didn’t help much with their 12 points. Tatu receive 10 points from Turkey, Germany, Israel and Cyprus. United Kingdom and Ireland gave Tatu 0 points.

"Our third place is 98% explainable by politics, and 2% by objective factors", says Ivan Shapovalov. "The song “Ne Ver Ne Boisya Ne Prosi" will still become a hit,” predicts Ivan during an interview. According to him, after a few months the English version of the song will be released.

Source: (by Strana.Ru)
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