Channel One Russia continues to doubt the Eurovision results

Time of publication: 29.05.2003 (23:54)
On the 29th of May, Channel One Russia received an official letter from Executive Project Manager of the EBU Live Events Unit Sarah Yuen. This letter is the first reaction to the question on the accuracy of the televoting during Eurovision Song Contest 2003 where Russian participant (Channel One Russia) doubted results received for its contender--group t.A.T.u.'s performance, specifically--when Irish televoting was replaced by the jury's results given by the country. In the opinion of the director of Channel One Russia Public Relations Unit Igor Burenkov, Mrs. Yuen's letter doesn't entirely clarify the situation but instead brings up new questions. Sarah Yuen informs in her letter that RTE decided to use its back-up jury, because 60 seconds prior to the beginning of the on-air presentation, the results from televoting had not been ready yet. This information contradicts with Eircom's (televoting provider) statement given here Besides, according to Sarah Yuen, RTE provided this information only orally, though according to the Official Rules, this decision may only take force upon a notary's verification. Data of the Irish televoting, as Sarah Yuen says, is confidential information. There's no such paragraph in the Official Rules, says Mr. Burenkov.

"Regarding our intentions in getting in touch with the televoting providers in other participating countries, we haven't been given their contact information yet," states Channel One Russia. "Besides, Mrs. Yuen informed that the event organisers had collected all data of televoting from all participating countries. All the ideas above had been given to Mrs. Yuen in our official letter." We hope to receive more detailed explanations soon and inform you within a short time.

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