EBU is considering the t.A.T.u. issue

Time of publication: 05.06.2003 (01:19)
An inquiry to EBU from Channel One Russia, regarding televoting results in Ireland, is under consideration by vice-president of the EBU Boris Bergant (RTVSLO) and chairman of the EBU Television Committee Maria Nemchich. The answer provided by Sarah Yuen, which explained the lack of comments due to the absence of the overseer for the Irish televoting person, is recognised as unsatisfactory. According to the Official Rules of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, the decision for replacing the televoting results by a back-up jury should be verified by a notary and transmitted to the EBU Permanent Service in Geneva during the Contest broadcast. Channel One insists on a clarification on this matter as it serves a great importance to a normal functioning of the Eurovision Song Contest in the future.

Source: (by material of InterMedia, Russia)
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