t.A.T.u. scratched the surface finish off the Muz-TV-2003 prize

Time of publication: 07.06.2003 (00:58)
t.A.T.u. has not been very careful with the trophy they received at the Muz-TV-2003. The group’s press-attachй Valentin Matveev reveiled that the prize shaped as a plate lost some surface finishing on the bottom. “The trophy wasn’t of a great quality” stated the t.A.T.u. representative. At this very moment the duo is in Moscow and busy with the errands being left without attention due to the visits to England, Latvia and Germany. Their producer is to be back Moscow by the 10th of June and then t.A.T.u. will continue recording their second album in Russian. “More than half of the album has already been recorded but the release dates aren’t to be discussed yet as the plans are constantly changing”, said Valentin. There’s an interesting bit of information, however, stating that the English version of the album would be released approximately 6 months after the Russian one. Besides. t.A.T.u. is planning to give out a charity concert in Ireland. It will be t.A.T.u.’s response to Ireland for the Irish way of voting at Eurovision Song Contest. As Valentin states, the group is giving now a purely new type of show. t.A.T.u. is followed by hundreds of extras – up to 300 people – depending on the type of the arena.

Source: (by material of InterMedia, Russia)
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