Russian duo t.A.T.u. will be arriving in Japan on the 25th of June for the shooting their new video.

Time of publication: 09.06.2003 (07:02)
The video clip is in process for the release of the group’s newest single Show Me Love in Japan. As the producers told the Russian press agency Novosti, 200-300 Japanese schoolgirls from senior high classes, dressed in the famous t.A.T.u. uniforms, will be participating in this shot.

This visit is expected to cause stormy hysteria due to the group’s popularity amongst Japanese teenagers. The album volume has sold over 1,5 millions copies there. The success of the Russian group is so complete in Japan that there’s already a Japanese cover-band formed of two 17-years old girls: Emi Sudzuki and Juria Oki who are performing a Japanese version of All The Things She Said.

Source: (by material of Vlasti.Net)
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