t.A.T.u. has cancelled their gig in Riga

Time of publication: 10.06.2003 (00:39)
Pasadena Group Promotion, which was responsible for the group’s gig in Riga in June 2003, has officially announced that the gig is off. The organisers are preparing a mechanism of refunding for the sold tickets. As the marketing director of Pasadena Group Ilgvar Rukers said in the beginning of May, Kipsala Arena had a capacity for 7000-8000 people, which was sold up to 80% of it.

The t.A.T.u’s management – company Neformat – has cancelled or delayed the gigs all over the world, including Germany, UK and Japan. The management explains that the show concept of t.A.T.u’s as well as its changing status connected to the overall popularity in the world, forbids arranging more than one show in the same region - including the Baltic region countries.

Source: (by material of Delphi, Latvia)
Thanks to oblakovshtanah.
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